Basically, Real-time visitor monitoring allows you as the owner of the website to track down people who have recently visited your website in real-time. There are so many advantages associated with this interactive report. Put simply, you are at liberty to do a lot of things as a result of the interactive report. For instance, you will have quick and simple navigation and you will also be able to go through the chat history of every single person who visits your site. You can even alter the current page of the browser by making use of a particular page. This report also allows website owners to send pop-up windows in the event that there are products or services on special offer. This system basically provides comprehensive visitor information. What this means is that you will be able to track things such as the geological location of the visitor, the amount of time that the visitor spends or spent on your site as well as the search engine. It even focuses on the minute details such as the number of pages that were visited and how long the visitor spent on those particular pages.

With Real-time visitor monitoring, you can also chat with individuals who visit your website. This is important if you use your website as an advertising tool for your business. You will be in a position to find out what your clients or potential customers think about what you have on offer and this can actually help you to make the necessary improvements if any. You can chat directly with the visitors and the visitors you will be chatting to do not have to log in or log out to be able to talk to you. You can even send a pre-written report to the person you will be chatting to. The system can accept a number of chat requests at the same time. Further, you can co-browse in the process of chatting with a visitor.

The Real-time visitor monitoring system is fully customized. This means that you will have handy Chat Windows as well as Templates. The offline messages can also be customized to suit the overall look of your website. Offline as well as online graphics can also be customized to suit the overall look feel of the website. The system can also be customized so that you will be able to chat with the visitors using your language of choice.

This interactive report also offers the owner of the website quick and simple integration. This means that the setting controls will allow you to choose your own preferences. For instance, you are at liberty to set the time periods as far as waiting in queue is concerned. The operator can also log out of the session automatically.

Real-time visitor monitoring also has features that allow you to supervise administrative aspects. For instance, there is a comprehensive 6. There is also an application that allows website owners to keep transcripts of the various chat sessions as well as emails. You will also be getting reports on hits as well as assessment reports. Other features include spell checkers, chat surveys and a special calendar.