Why You Need a Hosted Live Support Solution

Apr 14, 2012   //   by activ   //   Blog  //  No Comments

As you consider hosting solutions for your business website, one of the critical components you should include in your package is the option of live support for your clientele and potential customers. Live chat support provides your customers with the ability to connect directly with your sales professionals, technical support, or agents, rather than abandoning a half-full shopping cart or prospective purchase and jumping to your competitor’s site.

Choose a hosting option with a no-download live chat so your clients can contact your agents seamlessly, without the hassle of extra steps to download. Any barrier to a smooth customer-service solution might mean the loss of that customer, so you need to look for the seamless option possible. The productivity of your agents can be increased as well, with intelligent rules of routing to direct various chat sessions to the appropriate agent whose expertise can best address the issue at hand. With screen sharing technology, a tech support agent can even view a customer’s screen and take control of the customer’s computer to fix a problem directly rather than having to explain the necessary actions to the customer.

The live chat support can also provide your company’s trainers or managers to maintain and improve the level of customer service by monitoring and managing the agents’ chats with customers. Chats can be saved for your records and attached to support tickets for individual customers, and the live support software itself can provide reports either in real time or over time for active sessions, agent workloads, and queue length and wait time for customers seeking assistance.

Connecting with your customer base, or enabling your customers to connect with your agents when they need assistance. Satisfied customers become returning customers–and a hosting solution that includes live support can ensure both.

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